CLT 2011

This past weekend marked the 10th edition of the [Chemnitz Linux Days]( - this year must have been my 7th or 8th year straight visiting the event. Clearly a record for me (although [Froscon]( comes in as a close second.

The Friday evening started out with a dinner at the regular [tourist trap]( together with six other members of our [local lug]( from where we moved to the [Turmbrauhaus]( to meet other Free Software enthusiasts over beer.

When I arrived at the venue Saturday morning, Joerg, Robert and Fabian had already done a superb job of creating a professional-looking booth (see [Joergs Blog]( or [Roberts Gallary]( for pictures).

We did our usual mix of advertising and demonstrating upcoming fedora features (Gnome 3 being the most talked about feature), answering questions, making clear that fedora needs and welcomes contributions and new contributors as well as just having a good time.

The reactions to Gnome 3 which we demonstrated on a laptop were mixed (no surprise there) - some people liked it, some disliked it and some clearly see Gnome 3 (and with it Fedora 15) as a transitional release on the way to greener pastures - just as the 4.0 release had been for the KDE project. For those people that didn't like the new Gnome look and feel at all I had my notebook handy to show that Fedora is not just gnome but that it's also delivering top class [kde]( packages, [Christoph]( was able to do the same for the XFCE and LXDE-Spins where he is a key contributor. Together with [Joerg]( who was able to demonstrate the security spin we were able show that fedora is a healthy community that is able to accommodate different flavours and use cases well.

Of the few talks I watched, the one about cgroups left the biggest impression for me. Seeing a fork-bomb being executed on a machine while it was still possible to watch a movie on the system thanks to the fork-bomb being fenced through cgroups was impressive and I'm looking forward to systemd bringing a lot of the goodness to a default install with F15.

All in all it was a great (if exhausting) weekend and I'm looking forward to CLT 2012.



hey hey

thanks for the great blog post - it was really fun with you on the booth - you should think about becoming a stand-up comedian ;)

good report from the clt 2011

Hi Sven,

i read your report about the clt 2011 weekend. Your thinking about the typical Gnome3 + Fedora association is very good and i think, i can understanding you and your thoughts about this topic.
I'm a fan of openbox (and later hopeful awesome), but at work i sit at a workstation with gnome + ubuntu (10.10), because i have not so much energy to code the right configs for my monitor setup (4 monitors at 2 graphic cards).

I like the idea to blog in english and to improve your language skills and to pretending your communication with other fedora interested people.

What is the status for the Fedora Days @ Moenchengladbach ?


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